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Welcome to Guidance Services at Stewart School


Denise L. Schrock

Elementary School Counselor

Stewart Elementary

724-334-1483 x5030

Information and background of the school counselor:

I received my bachelor's of Science in Education K-6  and my Master's in Elementary School Counseling K-6 at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I began my Burrell career teaching 6th grade and have been the gifted teacher K-5, middle school counselor and elementary counselor at both Bon Air and Stewart Elementary. I am presently the Stewart School Elementary Counselor.

The mission of the Guidance Department coincides with the mission of the Burrell School District.  My goal is to empower students to learn, create, lead and succeed.  I provide responsive services, classroom guidance, small group and individual counseling as needed.

I am a member of the ESAP (Elementary Student Assistance Program) and provide resources to students/families as needed. 


When to see the Counselor?